Our team will get you the market intelligence you need on pricing, product placement, stock and availability, promotional displays, and corporate branding and signage compliance. Need a picture? Not a problem, we do that too! We have trained Secret Shopper® team members in every market across the nation to ensure your product is being presented in compliance with your standards. We can do it as a project or an on-going program. You decide when and where.

On-Site Merchandising Shops

You can’t be at every location, every day. But we can. We can check on your competitors’ pricing and sales strategies. We can take pictures of locations displaying your product to ensure compliance with corporate policy. We can make sure your product is stocked and positioned properly. Secret Shopper® merchandising intelligence can give you the edge in the marketplace. Even minor pricing or stocking corrections can have a substantial impact on your bottom-line.

With our continual investment in the latest technologies, we can customize our reporting to your exact requirements both now and as you grow. You can incorporate program results into your personal dashboard on our site or we can hand it off to your IT group. With this type of market intelligence at your fingertips, your firm will be a step ahead of the competition. Actionable Intelligence Delivered.

We appreciate your interest in Secret Shopper® and the opportunity of partnering with your firm. We look forward to working together to meet your merchandising needs. Request Proposal.