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We'll click, scroll, explore, and order from your website, carefully evaluating every step along the way.

Conduct a multi-tiered review and diagnostic assessment to establish a clear path forward.

Receive a comprehensive analysis of the company's current position as well as opportunities for improvement. We'll evaluate factors from high-level performance down to detailed technical information to assess the site's overall performance, the user experience, mobile friendliness, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) vitality and integration to identify performance gaps.

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Our team is renowned for imaginative brand development, successful online marketing, and the very best customer service and support.

Discovery Audit Package Add-On or Ala Carte

  • Competitive Research Evaluation:
    Examine the strengths and weaknesses of your top competitors and identify their web marketing concentrations, estimated paid marketing spend, and primary keyword focus.
  • SEO Integration Evaluation:
    As major search engines such as Google and Bing evolve and advance their methods to determine SEO placement, so do we. The result is effective, efficient, and organic online marketing and advertising. What does this mean for you? Our keen understanding of these search engines' algorithms will help your site get noticed by prospective clients.
  • SEM Marketing Evaluation:
    It's not just about driving more traffic to your website - we drive the right traffic to your site. Our targeted approach gives you the most value for your budget by connecting you to interested potential customers and converting views into increased business.
  • Google Analytics Evaluation:
    Review Google Analytics metrics to identify and leverage trends, discover red flags or errors, determine areas of opportunity, and generally understand the health and needs of the website and its user base.
  • Website Security Evaluation - Phase I:
    Check that all best practices are being followed, run validation on all front end code, crawl the site to find if any sensitive information is being exposed such as database, server, SFTP and FTP credentials. Penetration testing for Surface SQL Injection and other common attacks searching for un-patched vulnerabilities using black box testing.
  • Website Security Evaluation - Phase II:
    A more comprehensive Phase I testing. Ensure your server environment, code base and database are up to the latest standards. Validation of server side code to ensure best practices are being followed. More in depth testing of vunerabilites like SQL Injection, Click-Jacking, and XSS using white and black box testing.

Get an honest, in-depth look at your business through the eyes of your customers.

We can white label our reporting website and mobile solutions with your logo while integrating outside data streams...

Competitive intelligence can be easy to get, but hard to get right. We can help.

Use measurement to motivate. Link results of customer experience measurement to reward and incentive programs.

Are you listening? Your customers have opinions. Tune into what they are saying.

Is your team delivering a world class customer experience at every touch point with your customers?

We believe the future belongs to those pulling together the various digital platforms with brick and mortar operations.




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