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Mystery Shopper Ethics and Conduct Policy

Relationship with Secret Shopper®

  • I understand that I am an independent contractor with no employment relationship with Secret Shopper®. Any payments to me are conditional on submitting an appropriate, complete, on-time report, and complying with all the guidelines and policies of Secret Shopper®’s clients.
  • I will not list Secret Shopper® or Sights on Service, Inc. as an employer on any forms (especially unemployment forms) because I am hired strictly as an independent contractor.
  • I am not an employee, officer, or consultant for any other mystery shopping company. (I may perform shops for other companies.)

General Mystery Shopping Requirements

  • I am at least 18 years old and understand that I must be 18 years of age or older to be a mystery shopper.
  • I will not fill out an application for anyone other than myself. I understand that each person must fill out their application to become a mystery shopper.
  • I agree to provide true and accurate personal information to Secret Shopper®.
  • I agree to honor all confidentiality agreements and policies of Secret Shopper® and its clients.
  • To avoid any possibility of bias, I will not accept any assignment to shop at a business that has employed me, a member of my household, a member of my immediate family, or any close friends.
  • I will not share information with others about which clients are shopped by Secret Shopper®.
  • I will not share information with others about shopping fees and payments for specific clients.
  • To protect the client's confidentiality, I will not share the results of a shop with others.
  • I will not contact a client directly.

Contact with Secret Shopper®

  • I agree to give immediate notice if I cannot perform a shop for any reason.
  • I agree to return follow-up calls or e-mails from Secret Shopper® personnel within 24 hours.
  • I understand that a valid email address is required to be registered as a mystery shopper. I agree that any emails sent to me about the availability of shop opportunities are part of the shop process and are not spam, and I will not report them as such.

Appropriate Behavior While Completing a Shop

  • I agree to perform all shops personally and not recruit others to fulfill my assignment choices.
  • I agree to pay for any services required at the time of the shop.
  • I agree to perform all shops with honesty and integrity.
  • I agree to perform all shops to the best of my ability.
  • When completing a shopping assignment, I will not disrupt a business by causing a scene, demanding special manager attention, etc.
  • I shall hold harmless and indemnify Sights On Service, Inc. dba Secret Shopper®, its directors, officers, employees, agents, and Clients, from and against any claims or damages, and any resultant costs or expenses arising from or related to any of my actions as an independent contractor during or related to my conducting a shop.
  • I will not identify myself as a mystery shopper to the business being shopped unless given specific instructions to do so in Secret Shopper®’s clients’ guidelines.
  • I will not perform any shops under the influence of illegal drugs or prescription drugs that might impair my abilities.
  • I will not become inebriated, drink beyond the legal limits outlined in my state or perform any other activity that may cause harm to myself or others while mystery shopping.
  • I understand that some companies may utilize surveillance tapes from their stores and attempt to match shopping reports with taped interactions and that my shop behavior can be challenged if not reported correctly.

Shopper Requirements for Submitting a Shop

  • I agree to thoroughly read the Assignment Sheet and Shop Form/Client Guidelines for each shop I choose to do.
  • I agree to submit all reports on or before the deadline.
  • I will not submit inaccurate information, including but not limited to, falsifying, or guessing regarding information I am unsure about.
  • I will not falsify or misrepresent reports.
  • I agree to keep paperwork, receipts, and notes for at least 120 days in case questions arise from the client.
  • I agree that the information provided by me is the sole property of Sights On Service, Inc.
  • I agree that Sights On Service can use the information I submit, in any correspondence with Sights On Service, as they deem fit.
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