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The Premier Mystery Shopping Company

Measuring What Matters

Discover why we proudly call ourselves the premier mystery shopping company.

As an Independent Contractor (IC) mystery shopper, you play a pivotal role in providing valuable information to our clients, while also making a significant impact on the customer experience journey.

Why shoppers choose us

We provide shoppers with the best platform to get shops done and get paid quickly.

  • Independent Contractor

    Freedom to choose when and how often you want to shop.

  • Shops On The Go

    Use the Secret Shopper Mobile App to do your shops wherever you're at.

  • Self Scheduling

    Assign shop dates to fit your schedule.

  • In-House Staff

    To help with any of your questions.

  • Payment

    Physical check or Direct Deposit - is ALWAYS on time with the completion of valid shops. (PayPal for International Shoppers)

  • Status Achievements

    We reward our best shoppers with additional perks and benefits.

Our Philosophy

At Secret Shopper®, we believe that having a flexible schedule and the freedom to pick shops is an essential part of being a mystery shopper. Shoppers stay committed to the entire "shopping" assignment by approaching it proactively with honesty, integrity, and accuracy, ensuring objective and unbiased feedback for our clients.

What is Mystery Shopping?

Becoming a mystery shopper is a fun and flexible way to earn some extra cash. Mystery shoppers are independent contractors paid to evaluate businesses in person, on the phone, or online and evaluate their customer service, cleanliness, and other aspects of their operations.

Work on Your Schedule

Schedule shops when it's convenient for you.

Get Paid To Shop

Make money evaluating your favorite retailers.

Use The App!

Complete your shops on the go using our mobile app.

Get The Mobile App

As a shopper you are providing valuable information to our clients. With our cutting-edge technology that allows you to have everything at your fingertips and makes your shopping experience easier.

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