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About Us

The History of Secret Shopper®: Enhancing Customer Experiences Since 1990

In the realm of business, delivering exceptional customer experiences has always been a paramount goal. However, understanding and improving customer service can be challenging without unbiased feedback. That's where Secret Shopper®, a premier company in the world of mystery shopping, comes into play. For decades, we have been a driving force behind empowering businesses to elevate their standards and create unforgettable customer interactions.


Unveiling the Mystery

Secret Shopper® operates as a mystery shopping agency out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our team of independent contractor mystery shoppers from diverse backgrounds, sign up to act as anonymous shoppers, enabling them to blend seamlessly into various customer scenarios. Armed with specific evaluation criteria, these mystery shoppers embark on missions to gauge the quality of service and the overall shopping experiences onsite, online, and on the phone in every industry.


A Global Presence

Over the years, Secret Shopper® has spread its wings far and wide. What began as a local initiative soon expanded into a global force. Today, our network of mystery shoppers spans across continents, making us a trusted partner for businesses worldwide seeking to improve customer satisfaction.


The Power of Unbiased Feedback

One of the key strengths of Secret Shopper® lies in the objectivity of our assessments. By maintaining shopper anonymity, we ensure that businesses receive unbiased feedback, allowing them to identify areas for improvement with clarity and precision. This trust and transparency have made Secret Shopper® a reliable name in the industry.


Innovating for Tomorrow

As the world evolved, so has Secret Shopper®. Embracing technological advancements, we have integrated online survey platforms, mobile applications, and multimedia evaluations into our methodology. This seamless fusion of technology and mystery shopping has allowed for real-time feedback, ensuring businesses can respond swiftly to customer needs.


A Catalyst for Positive Change

Throughout our journey, Secret Shopper® has been a catalyst for positive change in the customer service landscape. Our comprehensive reports have helped businesses recognize their strengths and weaknesses, leading to targeted improvements. By acknowledging outstanding performance, we have also incentivized excellence in customer service.

Secret Shopper® has been a cornerstone for nearly four decades in shaping how businesses understand and enhance customer experiences. Our impact has been profound from a visionary idea to a global leader in mystery shopping. With each mystery shopper's covert visit, we inspire businesses to reach new heights of customer satisfaction and loyalty. As the world continues to evolve, Secret Shopper® remains committed to staying at the forefront of innovation, driving businesses toward a future where customer-centricity reigns supreme.

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