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The way your employee answers the phone will form a customer's first, and most often lasting, impression of your business.

The telephone is still the primary point of contact with customers for many businesses. Having a live person answering the phone is vital for business. If they are not answered professionally, however, it can be problematic.

The person who answers the phone needs to be warm, enthusiastic, and courteous. Is that how your employees come across when they answer the phone? Are your phones answered in 3 rings or less? Are messages returned within 24 hours? Do your employees provide the right information or give a reference to your competitor across the street? If the conversation does not deliver the message that you as a business would like to portray, that call is an opportunity lost. It has happened to other businesses; let our consultants ensure that it won't happen to yours.



Want to know how your team answers the phone? Do you need the opinions of a certain demographic in a specific region? We've got the right tools to make the call.


Audit Survey Package
Recorded Phone Calls

Hear the actual experience between your frontline stakeholders and our operators presented in clear audio files with recorded audio evaluations.

Recorded Phone Calls

With our recorded audio evaluations, you get to hear the actual experience between your frontline stakeholders and our operators, presented in clear audio files.

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Customer Service Phone Evaluations

Do you think strategically about your phones? We measure what matters in your customer experience.

Customer Service Phone Evaluations

Phone calls are still a big part of your customer's experience with your brand. Ensure your contact centers, locations, and automated phone services are meeting your customer's needs.


Vendor Watching
Competitor Phone Evaluations

Ensure that the phone skills of your frontline stakeholders exceed your industry's standards.

Competitor Phone Evaluations

Do you think strategically about your phone calls? See how you can ensure top customer satisfaction with every call.

Phone Research Tools

Creative hybrid solutions utilizing online, onsite, and phone capabilities.

Phone Research Tools

Voice of the Customer Insights? Polling? Check out our phone research tools to learn more.

Get an honest, in-depth look at your business through the eyes of your customers.

We can white label our reporting website and mobile solutions with your logo while integrating outside data streams...

Competitive intelligence can be easy to get, but hard to get right. We can help.

Use measurement to motivate. Link results of customer experience measurement to reward and incentive programs.

Are you listening? Your customers have opinions. Tune into what they are saying.

Is your team delivering a world class customer experience at every touchpoint with your customers?

We believe the future belongs to those pulling together the various digital platforms with brick-and-mortar operations.




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