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Why start a mystery shopping program?


As stated in an article written by Darren Gilbert, “the role of a mystery shopper today encompasses far more than simply monitoring your employees and seeing if they’re performing.”

Here are a few examples of the discoveries you can make with an onsite audit:

  1. The level of your customer service
  2. How your products are stocked and displayed
  3. Hygiene and cleanliness levels in your stores
  4. Evaluating how a new employee interacts with your customers

A well-executed mystery shopping program provides insight into what your customers are thinking about your stores, products, and services in an unfiltered and measurable way. An effective mystery shopping program will not only attract more customers to your stores, but will keep them returning.

Since our establishment, Secret Shopper® has earned a reputation for delivering on-site, reliable intelligence that our clients can depend on to make critical business decisions. We are passionate about partnering with your team to deliver a world-class customer experience at every interaction point. In today's business landscape, companies that can effectively engage customers and enhance their satisfaction across digital platforms and physical locations are poised for success. Experience the full range of our market research services, executed with the utmost integrity, with Secret Shopper®.

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