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Mystery Shopping Reports: Common Mistakes from an Editor’s Perspective

Tips to help avoid your report from getting sent back to you for edits or cancelled from our editing team.

We asked our editing manager to tell us the most common reasons a report will not be approved. We’re passing this information on to you in hopes of saving you some valuable time. Our editors will request more information from you or ask you to redo your shop completely if any of the following occur.

  1. Not enough detailed commentary or didn't explain 'No' answers.
    If your shop report contains boxes that require you to elaborate in greater detail on a specific part of your shop, it isn’t “just because” we want to waste your time. Our client is paying for details on your visit, and they want to know every little detail of your interaction to help them improve. After all, that’s why you’re a mystery shopper in the first place, right? You’re a mystery shopper because you care about the customer service you receive. Give us the full play by play because remember, we weren’t standing in your shoes.
  2. Report answers that were selected contradict the commentary provided.
    Some reports will ask a yes or no question (or similar) and ask that you provide commentary to elaborate on your answer. Be sure you’re selecting the right answer to go along with what you’re elaborating on. Don’t rush through it..
  3. Images provided are either blurry or don't show the whole receipt or storefront.
    Most of us are carrying a smart phone which contains a quality camera right in our pocket or purse. If you’re asked to take a photo for a shop, pretend you’re taking a photo at a special event or a family photo at the reunion. You get one chance to get that precious memory. Do you want that photo to be blurry? Steady your hand and be sure you’re ready. The client is essentially paying you to be their eyes for something they can’t see from a corporate office or elsewhere. Make it count.
  4. Comparing the shop location to others or mentioning previous visits
    Treat each shop like it’s the first time you have ever been there. You walked off a bus from some faraway land and wound up at this shop that you’ve never seen anything like before. Block out all previous visits and experiences at this specific shop or one of their other locations from your brain. This is a fresh start, none of the other experiences matter in this moment.
  5. Commentary based around issues that are outside of the client’s control (distance traveled, weather, personal tastes)
    Unless something happened during your interaction with an associate or during your time in the shop, the client does not need to know about it. How long it took you to drive to the shop does not affect the service you received. The rain pouring down while you walked into the shop, soaking you, is not the client’s fault. The mac and cheese you ordered at the restaurant was too cheesy for your liking – if the mac was cold, then we want to know. A recipe that the restaurant chooses doesn’t affect the service you receive. Keep this type of commentary out of your report as it does not apply to how the client did while serving your needs.
  6. Commenting on observations or opinions of an accompanying guest or issues seen with another customer
    You are the shopper, not your friend that is with you and not the customer on the other side of the room causing a scene. If a customer causing a scene is causing a delay in service for you, then it would be acceptable to comment on this interaction. Big picture, we don’t want to hear about other’s experiences – we want to hear about yours. You are the shopper; this is your show.

If you are ever in doubt or have questions when filling out your report, reach out to us. We’re more than happy to help you get a successful submission. Best of luck and happy shopping!

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