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Onsite Evaluations

Discover how our onsite evaluation services can help your business achieve remarkable growth by boosting sales, enhancing productivity, and delivering exceptional customer satisfaction.

Customer Experience Evaluation

Our customer experience evaluations guarantee uniform employee training, fostering enhanced bottom-line performance. The assessment of front-line personnel across the globe enhances the execution of your service strategy, leading to improved ROI. By incentivizing customer experience standards, we actively promote higher employee engagement, nurturing teams that consistently provide unmatched experiences and cultivate unwavering customer loyalty. Rely on our dependable market intelligence, collected by skilled IC mystery shoppers, and fortified by stringent data integrity measures. Contact us today to request a quote and unlock the full potential of your customer experience, attaining exceptional outcomes.

  • Assessing overall customer satisfaction and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Evaluating the quality of customer service interactions and identifying strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ensuring consistent service delivery across different touchpoints and locations.
  • Gauging employee attitude, professionalism, and their impact on customer experiences.
  • Analyzing the efficiency of processes that affect customer interactions and service delivery.
  • Examining how customer feedback is collected, analyzed, and acted upon.
  • Ensuring that the customer experience aligns with the brand's values and promises.
  • Evaluating how effectively customer issues are addressed and resolved.
  • Assessing the level of personalization and customization in customer interactions.
  • Identifying opportunities for innovative approaches to enhance the customer experience.

Competitor Evaluations

To stay ahead of the competition and foster innovation, it's crucial to understand your marketplace. Evaluate competitors' pricing and sales strategies, gaining insights for informed decision-making. We specialize in competitive analysis, helping you discover your unique edge on a local, national, or global scale. Leverage our services to exceed industry standards, differentiate your brand, and retain valuable customers. Gain a true assessment of your competitive landscape with us, identify growth opportunities, enhance your customer experience strategy, and set yourself apart from the competition. Drive continuous innovation and success for your brand.

  • Stay ahead of the competition and drive innovation by understanding the marketplace
  • Assess competitors' pricing and sales strategies for informed decision-making
  • Conduct competitive analysis and research to uncover your unique competitive edge
  • Exceed industry standards and deliver unparalleled customer experiences

Compliance Evaluation

To drive success in your business, establish clear expectations for regulatory compliance and operational excellence. Our comprehensive compliance programs offer a fresh perspective on various aspects, including operations, regulatory compliance, brand image, Medicare and Medicaid compliance, and marketing materials. Measure how well your business meets these expectations, ensuring a strong brand and consistent customer satisfaction. Proactively address compliance and operational issues to maintain regulatory compliance, enhance excellence, and strengthen your brand reputation. Achieve success and customer loyalty by aligning your business with high standards and expectations.

  • Establish clear expectations for regulatory compliance and operational excellence
  • Invest in training, coaching, and compliance standards
  • Comprehensive compliance programs covering various aspects
  • Measure and evaluate business performance against expectations
  • Strengthen your brand and ensure consistent customer satisfaction

Corporate Governance Audit

Empower yourself with our Corporate Governance Assurance Audits, promoting accountability, sales reporting integrity, and brand standards compliance. Expert IC auditors verify compliance in various areas, including staff discounts, signage, and brand conversion. Trust our "Trust...but verify" approach to maintain and strengthen your corporate governance standards. Benefit from our extensive expertise in customer experience and market research. We provide frontline observations at reduced costs and collaborate with registered private investigation firms if needed. Our focus is on providing valuable customer insights and market research solutions to enhance operations and customer experiences.

  • Corporate Governance Assurance Audits to monitor and enforce rules and standards
  • Ensure sales reporting integrity, employee honesty, and brand standards compliance
  • Expert IC auditors verify compliance in various areas
  • Assess cash transactions, staff discounts, signage requirements, brand conversion
  • Uncover under-reporting sales for franchise assessment
  • Instill trust in operations and maintain corporate governance standards

Incentive/Reward Evaluation Program

Elevate sales, operational efficiency, customer appreciation, and employee productivity by placing a strategic emphasis on your workforce. Encourage superior performance by instituting incentivization across employees, sales channels, and management teams, thus cultivating a corporate culture that thrives on excellence. Implementing these factors can foster a thriving environment where employee incentive and reward evaluation programs effectively motivate employees, drive performance, and contribute to the company's success.

  • Define clear, quantifiable performance metrics that directly correlate with employees' roles and responsibilities.
  • Set realistic performance targets that challenge employees while remaining attainable through dedicated effort.
  • Establish a reliable feedback loop that enables employees to track their progress and identify areas for growth.
  • Design the program to promote ongoing improvement over time, cultivating consistent high performance rather than fleeting bursts of productivity.
  • Integrate the program with opportunities for professional growth, motivating skill enhancement, and career advancement.

Merchandising Audits

Our experienced team provides valuable insights on pricing, product placement, stock availability, promotional displays, and branding compliance. Tailored services fit your needs, from one-time projects to ongoing programs. With onsite merchandising shops, we act as your eyes and ears, ensuring compliance and optimizing product visibility. Leverage our intelligence for data-driven decisions and enhance overall performance. Stay ahead of the competition, confident in your product's representation and brand alignment. Let us help you drive success with informed decisions and captivating customer experiences.

  • Gain a competitive edge with Secret Shopper®'s merchandising intelligence
  • Insights on pricing strategies, product placement, stock availability, promotional displays, and branding compliance
  • Tailored services for one-time projects or ongoing programs
  • Make informed decisions, optimize product presentation, and ensure brand compliance
  • Onsite merchandising shops provide valuable competitor insights and visual evidence
  • Optimize merchandising strategies and enhance overall performance with data-driven decisions

Recorded Video Evaluations

Empower your organization with our comprehensive customer experience (CX) program using powerful recorded video capabilities. Capture real-time footage of employee-customer interactions for valuable insights, pinpointing areas for improvement and enhancing customer engagement. Visual evidence enables vivid assessment of frontline stakeholder-customer dynamics, identifying best practices for showcasing and in-house training. Harness the power of recorded video to elevate your program, driving continuous improvement and fostering a culture of excellence. Let our recorded video evaluations be the cornerstone of your training initiatives, propelling your organization to success.

  • Create a comprehensive customer experience program with recorded video capabilities
  • Capture raw, unedited footage of employee-customer interactions for improvement
  • Use videos to identify best practices and showcase exceptional customer engagement
  • Empower your team with in-house training tools
  • Elevate your customer experience (CX) program and foster continuous improvement

Exit Interview

Empower your business with in-person qualitative research solutions for valuable customer insights. Our experienced field research teams engage with customers as they enter or leave your locations, providing a deeper understanding of their thoughts and experiences. Uncover insights from potential customers to improve offerings and attract more customers. Combine customer intercept and satisfaction surveys for a complete view of customer sentiment. Unlock the power of customer feedback to refine strategies, enhance engagement, and improve your brand's offerings. Stay ahead of the competition and foster lasting customer relationships with this comprehensive approach.

  • Understand the specific reasons a customer engaged with your company or decided to discontinue their interaction.
  • Assess customer expectations before engaging with your company and compare them to their actual experience.
  • Evaluate the quality of customer support received, including responsiveness, helpfulness, and communication effectiveness.
  • Inquire about the customer's perception of your pricing strategy and whether it aligned with the value provided.
  • Discuss the likelihood of customer engagement with your company in the future and the factors that might influence their decision.
  • Determine the customer's preferred communication channels and gather feedback on their experiences using those channels.

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